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Military Service

Old 25-03-2002, 00:26   #1

Varsayılan Military Service

Please describe how one one might avoid enforced military service for men in Turkey.
Old 25-03-2002, 16:27   #2
Av. Bülent Sabri Akpunar

Varsayılan military service

you may get avoidance through those grounds as:

-continuing education at the moment for deferment

-being discarded as useless due to a permanent health defect deemed as an acceptable excuse for lifetime avoidance by obtaining a medical report from the competent military hospital

-having a temporary health excuse for deferment which is also to be certified by a medical report from the said authority

-one year deferment of a specific nature that begins in the completion of graduate degree (university graduate in turkey)

-exemption of the brother from the military service as long as his (two?) other brothers are already carrying out their obliged military services

ps. these are all I can remember but there may be additional reasons for evasion
hope this helps
Old 29-05-2002, 15:09   #3


Can anyone clarify this for me please. I am shortly to marry a Turkish man and we will be setting up a business in Turkey. We would prefer he did not do his national service. He has 7 brothers who have already completed their military service. Does he have grounds for exemption? and how does he go about obtaining this? Any information would be welcome
Old 31-05-2002, 18:37   #4
Cest la vie


Dear Concerned..
Please do not post your messages several times. Everybody reads them and someone who can give any information will reply your message if he or she wants. But nobody has an obligation to reply.
Thank you!
Old 31-05-2002, 21:18   #5


Dear ?,
Sorry if a message appeared more than once. Some of the users of this site may have trouble following the instructions in Turkish so touch the wrong keys or get confused. Please note that not all of these messages are from the same person. On behalf of all who benefit from the sharing of information here, thank you all for your kind assistance.
Old 31-05-2002, 21:42   #6
Cest la vie


Please note that not all of these messages are from the same person.

Of course I know that. But if a message is as same as the one that has been posted before, it means that same person sent it.

That request was not just for you, but for the people who wonder that why their message hasn't been replied.
We are preparing a FAQ to solute all the problems that can make people confused..
Until that time, the best thing that can be done is to send a request by a message.
Please understand me.
Sorry for that!
Thank you!
Old 11-06-2003, 18:13   #7


i am a british woman married to a turkish man. we are expecting our first child soon(a boy). we will live in the u.k for the forseeable future. if we give our son duel nationality would he have to do milatary service? and would we have to register his birth in turkey as well as the u.k?
Old 28-01-2004, 17:36   #8
Av. Bülent Sabri Akpunar


Dear Konuk,
Every Turkish male, save those who are exempt from the military service on special grounds, are obliged to fulfil the compulsory military service in Turkey.Notably, one who is to prove that he have resided and/or worked abroad for at least one year may avail himself of the 2 months short military service through paying a sum of money.

However, those who possess DUEL Nationality would be exempted from the said obligation providing that he has completed - and duely proved this fact - the service in abroad.

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