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divide inheritance

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Yeni Fikir divide inheritance

First of all, thanks that there is this ability to ask a question in English.

My grandparents past away about 25 years ago, while I was a little child. My dad past away a couple of years ago.
I do not know much about Turkish law, but my family members asked me recently to provide them a 'vekaletname' and provided me a piece of paper which I need to sign? I have asked my Turkish speaking friends and used google translate but what I understood is that with that paper they can do actually anything for me (getting a loan, mortage, selling my items and even asking for my bankruptcy)

So I asked my family for what they need this form. They told me to sell property of my grandfather. I asked them what the property is, is it one house? more houses? But they do not tell me. This made me a bit suspicious to be honest so I started to research on the internet.

I found this site and I hope that you could help me. I would be so grateful.

My questions are:

1) I wanted to ask you how can I find out what my grandfather owned. I searched internet and found that I need to go to "Tapu" but can I just go there and ask them? Do I need some proof that I'm the heir?

2) What kind of 'vekaletname' should I give my relatives so that they can devide the property of my granddad? Is there anything I need to be aware of? Do you have an example?

Thank you sooo much!!!
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Dear Konuk,

I guess you are also a Turkish citizen.
1- Of course, you will be in need of a proof of heir which can be obtained from a civil regitration offices. Then, you will be in need of your father's death certificate. Toethr with those dcuments you should apply to Turkish courts to get certificate of inheritence.That certificate of inheritance will show your ownership on your father's heritage (if your mom is alive or if you have siblings they will be writen as allottees)
2- In order to get heritage of your grandpa, you will also need certificate of inheritance issued on behalf of your grandpa and showing your father's percentage on his heritage.
3- Together with those, you can go to banks and land registry offices to see what he owns. P.S. As a condition precedent to obtain that heritage, due taxes should have been paid to the tax offices.
4- "Power of Attorney" which corresponds to the turkish word of "vekaletname" is necessary to do all of these activities. However, providing such a power of attorney to your relatives is always dangerous considering the fact that they may lie to you regarding the things that yourgranpa owns.
Therefore, I suggest you to engage with a lawyer based in Turkey yourself and have those things done by your own lawyer in order to prevent any loss of right. On the other hand, if you trust your relatives that much it is of course your discretion to provide them with that power of attorney.
Best Regards

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