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How to get Turkish work visa after marrying with my turkish boyfriend

Old 09-04-2007, 17:44   #1

Mutlu How to get Turkish work visa after marrying with my turkish boyfriend

i want to marry my turkish boyfriend after he finishes his military service, can automatically get work visa after we are married or not and how we apply to get married i am a british citizen but we will live in turkey.
Old 11-04-2007, 15:35   #2


you can be turkish citizen after marrige. Sure you can get a work visa, while you can be turkish citizen. If yuo wnat to be turkish citizen you must write a petition in one months after marrige. But you must learn that can you loose your british citizenship when you become a turkish citizen.
Old 11-04-2007, 16:31   #3
Cest la vie


Dear Judgee,

I want to correct you and prevent misunderstanding by foreigners that, according to our Nationality Law, 'an alien can acquire Turkish citizenship, 3 years after the marriage with a Turkish citizen'. The couple should live together as a husband and wife during these three years in order to get the citizenship.

Actually I have no knowledge about working visa but I just wanted to indicate this time period for the citizenship.


Old 14-04-2007, 13:06   #4
Canavar Avukat


Code for work permits of alien residents in Turkey, apparently seems to emphasise the essential stress on article 8 as exceptional state of affairs that, an alien who's married to a Turkish citizen thus acquires the right to settle for the permenant domicile within Turkey, after having completed at least the 3 year time period of marriage as residents with the Turkish spouse hence whose children are given birth from the Turkish spouse of the couple are granted to acquire the working permit without being dependent on the period suggested in the code.

Code is undoubtedly certain and clear therefore you seem to have great opportunity to be granted for the permenant working visa right after the 3 years of (warranty !) time period for the marriage as residents in Turkey
Old 14-04-2007, 20:42   #5


Judgeee is wrong about losing your British citizenship. You CANNOT lose your British citizenship even should you take Turkish citizenship; what you then have is dual citizenship. Consider very carefully before taking Turkish citizenship however; there are some disadvantages, particularly if you subsequently have male children, who would then have to do military service on reaching 20 years of age.
Old 14-04-2007, 22:43   #6
Canavar Avukat


Dear Konuk,
It's not even a disadvantage to possess a turkish citizenship although the sexes of the children are entirely considered to be males. It really is a matter of fact from which perspective you glimpse out of your window.
Males with Turkish citizenship whoever reach lower limit of age 20 are kindly invited to the military dispatch office in order to verify their statement and declaration of readiness for the service. That's the normal procedure on course unless otherwise exceptional practices are instructed in accordance with the law due to the legal rights of the males with turkish citizenship who claim their requests to be involved with the higher education.
In other words, male holders of turkish citizenship have legal right to attend any university recognised by YOK within or outside of Turkey are tolerated until the age of 29 for the under graduate education which is the upper age limit of the deadend which is strictly expected from the students to adhere the system. should you like to carry on your academic life with master's degree and beyond, there emerges an other upper age limit which is considered to be very coherent with the system due to the very long academic period of both master's (33 max.)and doctorate (36max.) education.
Those who are committed to quit their academic life before the graduation and receipt of the diploma are pursued and recruited to the order of the army instantly but not gradually.
Having lived and worked abroad up to 4 and more years legally provide a chance for male holders of turkish citizenship to demand peremptorily in order to perform their military duty with a time period of 1 month only upon their return to homeland.

That's it for now.

Old 14-04-2007, 22:56   #7
Cest la vie


Also, no matter she becomes a Turkish citizen or not, the children will be natural(not acquired) Turkish citizens, since their father is a Turkish citizen. One of the couple's Turkish citizenship is enough for natural allegiance. Please don't mislead her.
Old 30-04-2007, 19:08   #8


Ok so if i got this right, you have to live 3 years with your spouse before you can become a turkish citizen or you make a petition and send it god knows where after a month of marriage ? just asking because im in the same situation
Old 01-05-2007, 04:03   #9
Cest la vie


As I said before, according to Turkish Nationality Code, Article 5:

'an alien who wants to acquire Turkish citizenship by marriage; should apply to the highest district official(or to Turkish Consulate if they are abroad) with a written request, if they have been married for three years and living together as a husband-wife since the date of the marriage. Upon this application, the alien acquires Turkish citizenship if the home office inquiry and investigation approve that the requirements have been met. '

So, to sum up, after three years of the marriage with a Turkish citizen, an alien can apply for the citizenship and acquires it if it is a 'real' marriage. (This article was enacted to prevent fake marriages for the citizenship.)
Old 17-03-2012, 18:39   #10


Canavar Aavukat I think you are a lawyer you might have answers for my questions. Anyone else can answer as well.
I need to know this before marrying my Turkish boyfriend.

- Do you have to live the 3 year period inside Turkey or you can get married in Turkey and continue living abroad and apply for the citizenship after 3 years of marriage ?
- You said any male who has lived and worked abroad for 4 years can minimize the military service to 1 month. Is this limited to certain countries in Europe, USA or Any other country?


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