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Military Service

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Varsayılan Military Service


I'm a foreigner and I have a very good friend that's Turkish. I want him come in my country for a few days holiday, but it seems it's impossible. He told me he's not allowed to leave for he hasn't the military service satisfied (he had a passport that got expired last year and now he hasn't any).
He graduated Medical School two years ago and since then he's been studying to pass the exam for becoming a specialist. He failed to pass the exam before. He told me he should have been already in the army, but they let him more time for exam.

For me is very hard to understand such a rule. It doesn't seem fair. It's not about leaving the country for good, only for few days. Could somebody tell me if there's a solution to this problem?

Thank you very much.
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He told me he should have been already in the army, but they let him more time for exam.

if they granted him more time legally as he claimed then he should be able to travel abroad without any problems.

But the situation looks like so that he is illegally avoiding the military duty to have more study time. That is, officially he should already have been in the army by now, but running away intentionally. If this is he case, then he won't be able to go abroad, because he would get caught in the border or when he renews his passport as he is at the moment in a break out status. If this is the case, there is a good chance that he would get caught not only if he decides to leave the country but even in a local police check point (say in traffic checks).

In other words the problem is not related to whether to leave the country or not, whether to make a contact with an official and get caught or not.

So obviously no solution exists for this situation except performing his military duty..
Old 30-05-2003, 16:28   #3

Mutsuz that's bad news

Thank you.

I understand. Actually I don't think he has an officially permission to continue his studies. The situation looks worst that I imagined...

Thanks for making things clear to me. You see, in my country a man goes to the army when he gets a paper from the army center. And when this happens, there's no way to escape, but to go there and get an official postponing (is not that hard to get a postponing, you just have to know whom to pay).

There should be such paper in your country, too. I don't think somebody goes to the army center to willingly ask to be sent to the army. I guess he's just waiting for that paper. Cause I don't know how can you illegally escape army, they know where you live, where you work. But maybe it's possible to make an arrangment with somebody from the army center not to postpone your sending that paper a little more. And in such case, when you apply for a passport it's very big chance to be discovered and sent to army (or in case they've forgotten about you, to make them remember you).

Thanks a lot.

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