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marriage contract - prenup agreement

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Soru marriage contract - prenup agreement

Hi all,
Here is my situation.
I am an EU citizen and will soon get married with my turkish boyfriend that I know for about 3 years. We live in Turkey.
He is the owner and manager of a small hotel here in Turkey and has been running it for the last 7 years (he bought the property 7 years ago )
Last year, I quit my job to come to live with him.
We are know running the place together and it's doing very good so far.
I am not working officially but he gives me a decent salary for my work and for me to feel independant financially. ( I don't have to pay for any rent or food, basically it is just pocket money)
Of course, we are in love and I don't want to think about divorce but I definately want to secure myself.
I know I will have no right on the property as everything has been purchased by him (only by him) and before we will marry.
But in the meantime, I do contribute to the improvement and business of this hotel (I can speak several languages, have improved many things, organization skills, etc)
Also, if things go wrong, I don't think I will stay in Turkey and will probably go back to my home country and start everything all over again (If we break up, I obviously loose my job!)

Does anyone have any idea of what could be done in terms of prenup agreement (what would be fair to me and to him in case of a divorce). I know it is not very common in Turkey but I really want to make myself secure because even if Turkish law says that I am entitled to 50% of what has been bought after marriage, this law doesn't allow me to get anything from the hotel (even if I am working here as if it was my own business).

Can anyone tell me where I can find information about mariage agreement in Turkey in English.

I have another question in terms of inheritance law.
My boyfriend has a son from a previous relationship (the child was born abroad and has never visited Turkey). He has never recognized his child legally, he just visited him once.
If I understood correctly inheritance turkish law, so far, as there is no other children involved in our relationship, this child (who is still little) if he wants to or if his mother makes some research about turkish law, is entitled to 75% of all the assets in case of death and I would only have 25%. Is that correct?

Please don't hesitate to give me any kind of advice or suggestions.
Thank you very much

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