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Hello - I wonder if you can help? In 1995 I married a Turkish man in Turkey, in 1998 we got divorced in England. My ex-husband now wants to marry again, in Turkey, but says he cannot as Turkish law does not recognise our British divorce papers.

I married a British man four years ago in the UK and used my divorce papers as proof of divorce with no problems, however, my ex-husband says that I am committing bigamy and my new marriage is not legal.

Can you tell me if:-

1. I am committing bigamy in the UK or in Turkey
2. If it is essential to get divorced in Turkey
3. Whether my ex-husband can file for divorce in Turkey without my help (I would rather not get involved with his problems if I could avoid it as he is not a pleasant man!)
4. If I did decide to help my ex-husband with divorce proceedings in Turkey, what do I have to do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards