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Varsayılan Inheritance law regarding land in Turkey

Yazan Konuk
I am hoping that someone may be able to help me. Recently, my husband found out that he has inherited land from his father and grandfather who have passed. When the land was divided among the heirs, my husband was not notified and his share (land title) was given in trust to his cousins. Who were supposed to give and transfer to my husband. They have since listed this land for sale without my husbands approval and against his wishes. They are refusing to hand over the title. To my understanding, Turkish law states that direct heirs have a right to their shares. How do we proceed and what are my husbands rights? He is a Turkish citizen but lives in Canada. He tried to speak with them on the phone and we have a recorded phone conversation where he is being threatened and told to wait for their call. We also have paperwork from his shares and land locations. Please help!

First of all you need to understand the situation as clear as possible. What happened there and through what transactions the property (which includes your husband’s share) passed to his cousins. What I recommend to your husband is him to find and hire a lawyer who works in the region (or near to the region) where the land was inherited. So your husband sends or e-mails whatever you have (paperwork, documents etc.) to the lawyer, he/she makes enquiry first if necessary and informs your husband. You understand the situation much clearer (you have concrete information), you debate the situation, than he/she does whatever necessary (administrative or judicial) here in favour of your husband after taking his consent.


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