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Rahatsiz Query On Seperation And Children

Can anyone help please?
I am a UK citizen by birth and have been married to a turkish citizen for 12.5 years we have a daughter who is 3.5years old.
My daughter has a turkish passport, nufus card and a UK passport.

My husband has been naturalised as a UK citizen and has a UK passport. Unfortnately we have now seperated, my husband is in Turkey and I am in the UK with my daughter.

He has not threatned to take my daughter back to Turkey but if by any means he managed to take my daughter against my will and get her into Turkey what can I do and how would the Turkish authorities be able to help me - what is the ruling and law over there. I have never been an unfit mother, but would not be surpised if my husband bribed someone to say I was. I do not speak much Turkish and it is really worrying me. I have all my daughter's passports and Nufus card.

I would really appreciate your help in this matter.