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Av. Gamze Akderin

Mesaj turkish Citizenship

Yazan Konuk
My Daughter was born here in turkey ,, and i have a birth certificate and Nofos for my daughter ,, is it true that my daughter can have the Turkish Citizenship ?
and is what are the conditions ?

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Dear Guest,

I agree with Kasa07 and Av. Savaş Tunca.

If your daughter could not gain any citizenship through you and your spouse , your daughter can gain Turkish Citizenship by birthplace. The following article will guide you:

Place of Birth
Article 8- (1) A child born in Turkey, but acquiring no citizenship from his/her alien
mother or alien father acquires Turkish citizenship by birth.
(2) A child found in Turkey is deemed to have been born in Turkey unless proven

However like Av. Kadir ORUÇ said before , you should give more details : If your spouse is Turkish or not? Does she have a Turkish ID Card that has her ID number on it?

If your daughter has Turkish ID number, you can fill the form that is in the link below. If you get any results that means she has Turkish Nationality.

TC kimlik no means Turkish ID number which should have 11 digits.

Ad means name. Soyad means Surname. and finally Doğum yılı means Birth year.