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Varsayılan Homeschooling (Primary Education) for dual citizen in Turkey

Hi, we will be moving to Turkey from UK and I need to understand possibilities of homeschooling my son who has dual citizenship Turkish/British.(homeschooling is allowed in UK) He is 4.5 now and at primary reception stage as per UK standards. I know that homeschooling is new concept in Turkey and there is no clear government view on its legitimacy. What is clear is that for Turkish citizens its is illegal not to educate your kids(as a note I am UK citizen, my husband is UK/Turkish). I've been searching for many days now unsuccessfully for at least some information on ways how to position yourself, how to leverage on dual citizenship of my child and myself being a foreigner and do not cause unnecessary problems with authorities. Would appreciate your suggestion and shared experiences.

(a bit more background on my homeschooling plans: since we are planning to pursue secondary education in UK and my son have already started primary reception stage at school in UK, I want to continue with UK curriculum by use of online primary schools. Unfortunately these schools are not approved by Turkish government yet they are fully accredited by UK educational authorities)

Kindly Inna A