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Varsayılan Can Someone Assist Please..?


i would like to know if there are such laws for my case to go to court in turkey?

here is the situation, my car broke down and i called afriend who in turn contacted his mechanic to come rescue and asist me roadside..after getting the vehicle started we got back to the garage and he then informed what needed to be done. i agreed and the next day new problems and then more parts and furhter labour after having had the vhicle in his garage for a week i have paid 1,300,000,000.00 TL's and my car is in worse condition and state than what it went in it does not work at all!

he has offered 250,000,000 refund and i have asked for all my money back or face what may be installed for his wrongdoings and tring to rip and defraud a foreigner...

what are my options please and can i sue him for his wrongdoing and deceiptfullness? i.e he told my wife who is turkish that he would put a reconditioned starter motor in as my old one was dead and to my suprise he just reconditioned my one but that cost me 150,000,000 with life gaurantee now that has bust completely..? and other new parts he told he would replace "new" he has not used only used all used parts that are not even for my model of engine..?

i want justice can i get it here,
...? please advise namy thanks Email: