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Yazan Konuk
Please could you tell me what paperwork I need to do for a divorce. We have been seperated for about 2 years now and we have both mutually agreed to divorce. We got married in Turkey and I have a certificate and the red book.
My husband has given me a lawyers number in Turkey to use but the information he is giving me does not tie in with what the consulate says.
We have a 4 year old and a 2 year old who will reside with me.
I would be grateful if you could tell me what the correct procedure is.
As my husband has not supplied any money for his children in over a year, I do not have the money for expensive legal fees do you know who would be able to help with how much money I would need

Many Thanks

You can get a POA arranged by the Turkish consulate to be sent to a solicitor in Turkey so that you can be represented by him/her in the court for having a divorce verdict.

Both parties have to be present in the court for a conventional divorce, however the solicitor whom you will send the POA doesn't have to start the action for a divorce upon an agreement. He can file this case as if it's a disputed lawsuit in order to avoid the rule of being present in the court for both spouses and get the divorce verdict as soon as possible even if you are in abroad.

I recommend you to contact with a professional Turkish solicitor rather than getting disinformed and misdirected by anonymous users on the forums with such messages;

Yazan Konuk
According to me you should come to Turkey and look for a lawyer who can help you for the procedure. You can't solve this problem without coming Turkey. If you make a deal which is showing your agreement about divorce with your husband you can divorce from your husband easily. Don't worry about the case costs they are not expensive in Turkey however the procedure is slow.

King of regards