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Soru Divorce Questions &

My boyfriend (Turkish), who I've been living with in Turkey for 19 months, is still legally married to his Turkish wife of 22years. She had originally verbally agreed to a divorce in June this year but when we contacted her in June to proceed, she has now changed her mind. My boyfriend hasn't got a job and is paid a fairly low pension amount each month (which he has always allowed her access to the full amount, less the repayment of a loan taken out as described below)). He has 3 children with his wife, 20yr old son - working, 17yr old daughter - not working & 9 yr old daughter. His wife has never worked. I'm a foreigner and although not rich, I do have a little nest egg for our future.
My Questions - how does he go about a divorce now? what would be the time it would take? How much money would he be liable to pay his dependants & how does the court decide who are his dependants? Will my income be used as part of the decision on his liability?
Also, as the family has no assets other than a block of land (maybe 10000ytl) and my boyfriend has needed to take out a bank loan (5000ytl) to pay insurance costs of a car accident his son was involved in whilst still at University, will both the asset and the liability be attributed as belonging to both parents in the divorce settlement?