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Hi there,

The information that you are seeking should be in the Department of State Office or website of your home country. The State Departments post all the information regarding to the specific subject. (ex: Alien Law, Immigration Laws, Spefications and requirements).

Normally these guys examine the individuals on the document level. After that If they beleive that the individual is eligiable, they probably call him or her for an appointment.

The ones who will be inspected in the name of a spouse immigration to X, generally should prepare these documents:

1.Evidence of min 2 year of relationship with the fiance, living in the homeland. (photos, witness confess, etrc..)
2.Evidence of NO Criminal History (Could be obtain in a couple of minutes from the Jurisdiction Offices in Turkey)
3.Evidence of banking statement ((Could be obtain in a couple of minutes from the Bank Branch Offices in Turkey)
4.Evidence of accomodation opportunities, that the other fiance should provide to the immigrant potential.
5. Evidence of Banking Statement (yours)
6. Evidence of strong family relations.
7. All Application forms regarding to the submittion.

Now, all the steps posted above should not be problem. But No:1 and No:6 could take 6 months to 2 years of inspection. Others can be obtained and inspected via digital systems in a minute or so.

Well I Hope these infos fullfill your needs..

Good Luck !