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Good evening Genzem .Im ukrainian citizen previously divorced,from 1st martiage have infant ukraine courtx seperated any blocking to go abroad, identigication of time meeting were not signified, but now going process in ukraine about confirming with whome baby will live.But ukrainian law system is soooo slow and 1 year passed still continuing.I got work permission in turkey and got marry.My baby due ukranian law is with us too...But, my ex husband wrote application to turkish high law that i kidnapped my own baby and prosecutor had a tak with me....I need toknow what difficulties i will face...because im scarting, my ex husband alkoholik was in private clinik seversl times and doesng have any conditions for baby and doesnt help anyhow,just putting diff application and sucking our nervous system.I learned that he wants to use baby in order not to go army force,cos situayion is reaaly horroble,its war and shoots everywhere....Whome can i put application that he wants use baby, what can i face?Thank u verymuch