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I'd appreciate some legal advice, specifically the likelihood of receiving the full penalty for causing pollution with gray water. I understand the penalty is between 6 months and 2 years in prison for emptying bilge tanks in a harbour/marina (negligently or intentionally) even for a small 9 metre wooden boat.
I have yet to seek legal representation but I have been informed that I will be prosecuted and a case has been opened against me. Is it possible (in Turkish law) for the sentence to be suspended? And if so, could a monetary fine be imposed in it's place? What (if any) is the likely amount?

Also, I am a foreign resident currently driving a Turkish plate car, not yet registered in my name. My Turkish friends have told me not to worry about it, but I'd like to know what my responsibilitie are and if I am currently breaking any law by driving a Turkish plate instead of an MD plate.

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According to Turkish law, the sentence would be suspended. However, there is some requirements for that. If the sentence is less than two years, judge would decide to suspention. As I said, it depends on the judge and event, also the person should compensate what he did. About monetary fine, it depends on your intention when you did this. If it was an accident, court could give the monetary fine. However, if you had wrongful intention, the only sentence is jail as I said the sentence would be postponed.
Foreigners could drive their cars in Turkey with their plate. However, after entering Turkey one year, the person have to take the Turkish driver licence.

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