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Yazan Konuk
I have 9 month old daughter who has both Turkish and British citizenship. We are currently living in Turkey, although the father and I were never married and are no longer together.
I was wondering if i am entitled to any child support? I am not able to work as i do not hold Turkish citizenship. What do i need to do to get citizenship?
I do not want to leave Turkey because i want my daughter to know her father. If, however, my financial circumstances meant i would need to return to the UK, would the father be able to stop me taking our daughter?
The father part owns a restaurant and bar and currently does not contribute towards the upbringing of our daughter. He also wants unsupervised access to our daughter. I am not happy about this as he does not know how to look after her properly - i would worry about her safety. Does he have any right to unsupervised access?
Thank-you, i hope you can answer these queries.

1-) You could take alimony, as montly payments.

2-) The right of hostin child in early ages as like yours, mostly given to mom. Especially for children who born out of marriage.

3-) You may go back UK with your child.