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I am Canadian, speak no Turkish yet & unfortunately cannot fill out the above. I need to ask questions regarding divorce laws in Turkey. My father is Canadian married to Turkish woman since '97. He has been working in Izmir for 14 years. He has since bought an apartment and put it in his wife's name. He has also built a house in Fethiye, and the land was also in his wife's name. His wife has not worked all this time and is out to rob him of everything. He found out 1 week ago she had sold their Izmir apartment to her ex-husband. My father is trying to salvage the Fethiye house but is afraid she will do the same thing.
My question is, if he files for divorce, as a Canadian, what rights does he have? Can a woman take everything or is it not separation of assets, like the law in Canada? I think as a foreigner, he cannot own land in turkey, but can he have register a charity orgaization, and donate the house.
What options does he have? I realize there is divorce law, and propriety law, and that these are separate.
If you could clarify these, I would be grateful. Thank you very much.

P.S. I wish you had English information too!