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Welcome to English pages of Turkish Law Site (Türk Hukuk Sitesi)...

Although Turkish Law Site, which is a nonprofit/non commercial web site dedicated in serving Turkish Law and Lawmen, is created and presented in Turkish as a whole, we wanted to prepare this English Page to serve our foreigner guests who are seeking information about Turkey's Legal System or Turkish Law.

To achieve this aim, we decided to open a new discussion forum area in our servers, so that these visitors could address their questions, comments to this area, get replies and communicate with Turkish Lawyers, Lawmen and our other site visitors.

We kindly ask you to keep your messages relevant to "Turkish Law and Legal system" only, as we are a Law Site and as these boards are designed to maintain communication in this subject. English is the only language of this board and all messages in Turkish are expected to be headed to other boards all of which are in Turkish Language. In our forum "YENI KONU" icon is for creating a new thread and "YANITLA" icon is for replying an existing thread.

We hope you will find the information you seek in our discussion board. Thank you for your visit..

Turkish Law Site Webmaster

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