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Av.Kadir ORUÇ


Yazan Oleg
I've searched most of the internet to no avail, maybe you can help me.

My father died 9 days ago. He had a shared property with my mom in Turkey.
The questions are:

1. What is the order of steps we should take with my mom to transfer property from mom&dad to mom&me.

2. What are the deadlines for documents we need to get? I've heard some information that we have only a month after a persons death to translate his "death certificate" and bring it to Tapu office.

3. What will happen if we fail to meet this deadlines?

4. What amount of fees we should consider?

Thank you very much!

Dear Oleg,
1. May your father rest in peace. You have to provide “Certificate of Inheritance” that shows who are heirs of the deceased person formally, first. “Certificate of Inheritance” is different from “Death Certificate”.
2. If “Certificate of Inheritance” you have provided is taken from another country (other than Turkey), it must be “recognized” by Turkish authorities.
3. Then you may apply with that document to Tapu for making the property transferred to the names of heirs. There is no deadline for this. It may stay under the name of the deceased person. It doesn’t mean that your rights will injure.
4. There is no deadline (period) for transfers in Tapu as I said above.
5. As far as I am concerned, no fee is taken for this kind of transfers in Tapu.
6. But you must inform the municipality real estate department that your father died and who will pay real estate tax from now on.

Best regards.
Kadir ORUÇ