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Mutlu it's done now

Dear Ahmet Bey,
Thank you very much on your answer. Yesterday I got the paper I needed, but anyway I'll explain here the whole thing because I hope it might help if someone else will have the same problem.
My embassy (according to our laws and international agreements) accepts two kind of evidence of marriage when it's done out of country:
- international marriage certificate (form B), if I had it here now I would write its Turkish name too,
- local document, even in local language, if it's sealed with apostille seal by local authorities and later translated by official translator.
That's why it was the subject of my question. It was a problem to obtain the information where from I can get any of them, but when we obtained info it was easy to get it.
Form B can be obtained from one office in Sakarya (in Ankara, near Kızılay), I think it's the institution what you wrote (Office for Population Registry and Citizenship Affairs) but I'm not sure. Anyway, as far as I understood, just Turkish citizen can get that document, it's important information, so my wife got it for me. I still didn't send that document to the embassy but I think it will be accepted "as it is", so that job is finished.
About apostille seal - I didn't obtain full information where I can get it, now I don't need it any more; if you say that it can be obtained in notar office it's usefull information for the future, thanks. But in one notar office we asked for it and they didn't know what's that, maybe they don't do that service in every notar office or we didn't explain it well.
Btw I'm from Serbia&Montenegro, my wife is a Türk, and from documents I have Uluslararası Aile Cuzdanı, two different Turkish marriage certificates (one obtained from place where we got married, one from from one office that I'm not sure what is exactly, maybe municipality?), and now I also have form B.
I'm really glad that I found this site because I'm sure that I'll need help in future to understand better Turkish law.